A predominantly active, interactive and collaborative methodology will be used. The expositive and theoretical method will be used with frequent recourse to the discussion of contents. The practical contents will be taught in practical workshops using simulation.

Some classes will be taught by international experts and will be in English.


The course will be evaluated in an integrated way, with written evaluation in each curricular unit and a scientific article in the last part of the course.


In person, with the possibility of remote assistance (Adobe Connect | see conditions below).

The practical workshops are compulsory attendance.

The basic regime is the face-to-face. In order to attend theoretical classes at a distance, the student must request the same at the time of enrollment, stating the reason for the option which will be subject to the approval of the course coordination.

Conditions of participation at a distance

The Institute of Health Sciences

  1. will grant the student the form of access to the system (individual and non-transferable);
  2. will not be responsible if the transmission is not made for reasons external to the institution itself, for example, breach of the Internet connection and/or Adobe Connect system;
  3. will facilitate the use of this system so that the student attends the class in real time and will allow his/her interaction with the physical classroom and teacher via written, audio and/or video messages (as stipulated in the course in question);
  4. As a rule, it will not make any recording of the sessions available to students.

The student

  1. You must have adequate conditions of access to the Internet where you are attending the class;
  2. Undertakes not to record or disclose any part or all of the class it receives (e.g.: record, photograph, give a way credentials...).



Dra. Sara Miranda


Phone:  22 619 62 02 / 43


Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327 | 4169-005 Porto