PhD in Nursing

PhD in Nursing

Program Description

The degree of Doctor of Nursing will be conferred by the elaboration and defense of an original thesis in the area of Nursing, requiring the candidates to demonstrate ability to understand the disciplinary area, skills, aptitudes and domain of research methods and have carried out research that deserves to be disseminated nationally and internationally.

This cycle of studies includes a PhD Course that integrates curricular units that total 60 ECTS credits. This course received the first students in May 2005, was adapted to Bologna in 2007 (R/B AD 1050/2007) and is accredited by A3ES since 11/7/2012.

Areas of concentration / Research lines

  • Advanced Nursing for the study of life processes and human responses sensitive to nursing care;
  • Nursing Education for the study of issues related to the specificity of lifelong nurse training;
  • Management and Health Units and Nursing Services for the study of issues related to care management, client safety and clinical supervision in nursing practice;
  • History and Philosophy of Nursing for the study of historical, ethical and epistemological issues.

The regulations of this course follow the general lines of the Doctorate Regulations of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP).

APPLICATION | PhD in Nursing

  • Application (attached form)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the identification document and VAT number
  • Copy of the nursing degree certificate
  • Statement of purpose
  • Application taxes Payment (please see information bellow)

NOTE: The applicant can also submit a preliminary research project, including the scientific background, objectives, material and methods, resources, and scientific advisor (resume of the curriculum and declaration of acceptance).
Application Fees and Tuition
Application: 170€
Registration (after being admitted) - 410€
Tuition: total for the 4 years - 10 560€
1st year (60 ECTS): 480€/month (september to july)
after 1st year: 880€/semester (payments in September and March)
Registration of the research project - 360€
Admission to PhD defense and certificate - according to the Catholic University of Portugal fees at the time
2016 (0,00€).




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Lúcia Macedo

Lúcia Macedo

Enfermeira Especialista em Saúde Infantil e Pediatria
A minha escolha pela Universidade Católica pretende-se pela qualidade de ensino e prestígio do seu corpo docente, na área da Enfermagem.