Undergraduate in Nursing

Undergraduate in Nursing

Program Description

Nursing is nowadays an indispensable profession for the promotion of life and health of the population, with a concrete expression, a built knowledge, a specific art and its own code of ethics.

Católica's Nursing program takes place over 4 academic years and is accredited for access to the nursing profession in Portugal and in any European country. Evaluated by U-Multirank.



  • Reputation of more than 85 years of teaching - a teaching of excellence since 1935, in the then Escola Superior de Enfermagem da Imaculada Conceição (ESEnfIC - Casa de Saúde da Boavista), integrated in UCP in 2006;
  • Learning in Real Context - simulated practical classes in the School and Clinical Teaching since the 1st semester in the community and in public and private health institutions of reference;
  • Faculty - qualified and specialized professors who follow the path of each student in a personalized way;
  • Multidisciplinarity - dynamic and stimulating university environment, with different courses in the same campus and several scientific activities;
  • Comprehensive development - beyond technical and scientific skills, personal development and transversal skills of students, oriented towards the challenges of the future in an increasingly global world;
  • Internationalization - multiple opportunities for international mobility (ERASMUS);
  • Employability - 100.0% according to information from DGES - InfoCursos
  • Alumni Network - in any health institution you will find nurses who graduated from Católica or ESEnfIC.



E-mail: candidaturas.porto@ucp.pt

Phone: 939 450 000/12


Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Campus Porto
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto


Joana Silva

Joana Silva

Foram 4 anos de muita dedicação e empenho que me permitiram realizar um sonho. Estudar Enfermagem na Universidade Católica Portuguesa teve um enorme contributo para a minha formação integral.